The Secret of Creek Cottage

Latest Review – October 2022

It is not often that a book comes along which feels very fresh and different and a bit out of the ordinary and it is always a delight when you do find one that fits this description. This is how I felt about The Secret of Creek Cottage.

Now, if you ask me what is different about this book, I am going to struggle to tell you. It’s not the genre, as historical and supernatural have been mixed together in novels before. Dual timeline is nothing new. Is it because I haven’t read one set partially during the First World War before? Is it the characters? Is it the setting? Is it merely the writer’s particular structuring of the novel or turn of phrase? I’m honestly at a loss to tell you. All I can say is that I felt like I was reading something new and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Set in a small, coastal village in Cornwall and alternating between the present day and 1916/17, we follow the stories of Kitty and Loveday as they navigate life, marriage and the quest for motherhood in the same location at two very different points in history. Kitty is intrigued and unsettled by the history of the new home that she finds herself in, whilst Loveday is trying to come to terms with her husband, Will’s part in the Great War and the effect that is having on them both. There is a thread of connection between them both across the century which draws the story together and makes for an intriguing read.

There was so much to enjoy about this book from the dip into history and the horrifying effect fighting on the frontline had on the men who survived it and came back and, consequently, on the families they returned to, to the exploration of folklore and herbal medicine in the past and modern day, and a brush with the supernatural. The author has woven all of this fascinating aspects together to form an intriguing, entertaining and touching story that held me captivated from start to finish. This is no mean feat, as I am not a fan of books set during the World Wars, so the fact the author managed to take me past this hurdle and write a book that I very much enjoyed is testament to the power of the story and the writing.

This is a great book to pick up at this time of year. It has a melancholy, autumnal feeling running through it, reading it now will make you feel part of the story and bring out the best in it. This feels like a book that was meant to be read on a dark, October evening, in front of a fire, wrapped in a blanket and with your loved ones close at hand. You will close it, give them a hug and feel blessed that you live now, not then, and hoping current events don’t pull us back to such tragic times.

Big thanks to Julie Morris who can be found on Instagram @alittlebookprobelm and Twitter @book_problem … or click on the first paragraph to be sent to her blog.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 September 2022

Being Cornish, I thought I had little to nothing left to learn about Cornwall, and I am delighted to say that this book proved me wrong. Not only did I learn about past traditions, and lifestyles within it, this story is so cleverly told with a dual timeline that so cleverly intertwines. I think it’s fair to say that I liked both times equally, unusually not having a favourite.

The chapters are very short and sharp which means its not difficult to fly through this read with intrigue eagerness to know more.

A captivating read.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Secret of Creek Cottage

A truly good read. The author has captured life in Cornwall during WWI and present day beautifully. So much love and understanding of the environment and the way local folk were affected during the First World War in Cornish village.‘ – Amazon verified purchase

Tina uses her beautifully poetic phrasing to draw you in, to create the landscape as well as to care for its people.’ – Dawn Bauling – Poet & co-director of Indigo Dreams Publishing Ltd.

The two plots are very skilfully managed with no awkward strands left hanging.‘ – Linda Camidge – Penzance Literary Festival Trustee & organiser.

‘Definitely one of my top reads this year. I loved the storylines, the setting and the characters.’

‘I absolutely adore the way Edwards has pulled together some of my favourite things; a good mystery, nature, history and a bit of magic. For a first novel, this is absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to see what else she brings us in the future.’

‘I absolutely ADORE this book! I love EVERYTHING about it. A really well thought out interesting and good paced plot, amazing characters, happiness and heartbreak, a book which touches so many of your emotions. Easily a 5* from me.’

Loved this book! Would highly recommend. Kept me hooked throughout, full of happy moments, sad moments, and lots of suspense. Brilliantly written with likeable and relatable characters.’

This is a book that benefits greatly from lyrical and beautiful writing. It is a very good read and I recommend it as a vivid and lovely book.

‘Brilliantly written with likeable and relatable characters.’

‘I LOVED IT – Made me cry. Beautiful Writing, great story.’

‘Such a delightful read. Recommended.’

‘Just finished your amazing book. Really enjoyed it, you are very talented.’

This is Tina Edwards first novel, but hopefully the first of many. Spanning two generations gives added interest to the story but I personally loved the coverage of the First World War (my own great uncle survived the awful years in the trenches, I have his medals and a Kings Shilling. The Cornish Folklore and celebrations were fascinating to someone like myself from the North of England. We should know more of the Lore’s and legends of our homeland and applaud your research. An interesting Tale. I read it between 10pm to 3.30am one night, once started I couldn’t put it down.’

An absolute page turner. Highly recommended. ‘⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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