Words Alive

Sunday 30th August 2020

As the sun began to slip behind Shepherd Delight clouds, 266ft above sea level, a small group gathered upon an Iron Age hillfort in North Somerset to share poetry, prose and the love of a good story. Organised by Michael Loader – 4 Communities, 3 Trees, 1 Hill Green Arts Wellbeing and funded by the Arts Council Emergency Fund, we listened to an eclectic mix of readings from Dylan Thomas to poems written by a participants eight year old (she’s now 24!). As well as sharing one of my own poems, I read an excerpt of chapter VII from my debut novel, The Secret of Creek Cottage, where I introduced one of the main characters from 1916, Loveday Nance, as well as the Cornish Droll Teller (Story Teller), Gribble Gummo. It was a magical evening and we were guided down the hillfort at dark by the almost full Harvest Moon.

By tinamedwardswriter

Author of poetry and fiction and editor of The Beach Hut, an online coastal inspired writing platform for Poetry and flash fiction.


  1. So elegantly written Tina. It was a wonderful evening in a breathtaking setting. I loved it. Will be returning. And thanks to my daughter, I had a poem to read that I love! (I know I’m biased, but I couldn’t write anything as good as that even at my old age, let alone at 8yrs old😀) loved all the other contributions too, I felt very uncultured! X


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