It’s not finished yet … Bookshops, social media and the power of reviews.

Old Cornish Ways

I wanted to talk about a few things now we are almost four months post publication. One could be forgiven for thinking that all the hard work now stops, where actually, it’s only just begun. For an independent author the promotional work is as much or as little as you are prepared to put in and I’m not going to beat about the bush … it’s hard work. Getting bookshops interested in your book to start with is a huge task and the independent bookshops are not necessarily any easier. Do not think that because they are local and independent they are going to want to support local authors and stock your book. There are many reasons why, and I won’t go into them here (it would take far too long and be rather boring), but having positive reviews does help. Never underestimate the power of others words and the impact they can have. Generally, decent people don’t write bad reviews, but when you publish a book you are ‘putting yourself out there’ with your baby that you have nurtured and loved for many, many months. It’s brave and it’s tough.

Come on bookshops ~ support your indie authors.

Do I have any tips from my own personal experience? I am still working hard … building connections through social media and contacts. Think outside of the box. Approach libraries. Use the press and other literary outlets. It goes without saying that whatever avenue you decide to use as an independent/self published author (using a publisher or going it alone), your book has to be the very best it can possibly be. Traditional publishers of course don’t always get it right, how many of us have discovered typos or other mistakes in books from big publishing houses and well known authors ~ the difference here though is that they are forgiven. As an independent author, unfortunately, most of the time this will evoke a shake of the head and some ‘tutting’. But hopefully things are beginning to change. Self publishing gives you more control over your book and the finished product, producing a book that you can be really proud of. Don’t be under any illusions but do be brave and take that step … it’s hard work but it only makes the journey more rewarding.

Latest review on Amazon & Goodreads, from Linda Camidge – Trustee & organiser of the Penzance Literary Festival – big thanks!

The Two plots are very skilfully managed with no awkward strands left hanging.’

An enjoyable and well rounded book: The ideal holiday read, perhaps, for a wet day in a Cornish holiday cottage.’

The Secret of Creek Cottage ~ published 10th July 2020 by SilverWood Books


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