New Year … New Book?

Well, I guess I should start my first blog of 2021 with … Happy New Year, but I know those words are bitter sweet. There is so much going on in the world at the moment, personally and globally, and it’s hard enough getting through one day at a time let alone thinking about what 2021 might bring each of us! So, I am not going to write about C-19, Trump or anything else that conjures up negativity or frustration (although of course there is a glimmer of positivity associated with C-19 and the roll out of the two vaccines). I guess this is a blog of hope, survival and the expectation of better things to come … and for me that means a whole host of things, but it also means I have started to write book II. I’m not quite sure how that happened … especially amongst all that is whirling around at the moment, but it is happening and I’m grabbing the inspiration while I can and rolling with it. Let’s face it, as all writers know, when inspiration hits …

I’ve been tempted to write another book in the ‘Trunrowan’ series; people have asked me to, wanting to know what happened to Kitty & Ben and whether Loveday (the second) was born with psychic abilities. And, of course, what happened to Loveday (the first) and the loveable Mrs Cromp? Yes, there is certainly another book somewhere in the future for sure, but for now I have changed genre and am five chapters into a CRIME novel. YES! Something I have ALWAYS wanted to write and after studying Forensic Science & Anthropology over the last year at Durham, Strathclyde, Sheffield & Kings College London Universities, I feel fully armed and committed to do so. My medical background will also help but rest assured … it will still have the wonderful Cornish backdrop and relatable characters along with a mystical and pagan element. I am so excited to be creating new characters which I hope you will all love and inspires YOU to believe, that even in times of adversity, there is always creativity and hope. Hopefully, soon enough, I will be introducing you to DI Nancy Treen, her DS – Giles Reeves, and a whole load of other characters living on the North Cornwall Coast, but for now … stay safe. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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