Independent Bookshop Week 19 -26th June 2021

Tomorrow starts the beginning of Independent Bookshop Week and I FULLY support ALL bookshops for all the below mentioned reasons. But, I have to mention as an indie published author, it’s such a shame that some bookshops seem to be so reluctant to support local/independent/authors (in my experience). As a previous reviewer for the Historical Novel Society, I have reviewed many indie published novels in my time, and some of them are heads above some mainstream published books without a doubt. I’ve just read a book from a VERY famous author and whilst the ‘story’ was good, the typos were numerous and yet because its been ‘mainstream published’, then hey! it appears to be acceptable … not! Come on bookshops, please read & take as you find, indie or mainstream regardless! 


2 responses to “Independent Bookshop Week 19 -26th June 2021”

  1. Dear Tina Hear hear! I bought a book from the second hand stall immediately opposite you at the festival. Have read it! Do you know the name/ telephone /e-mail for the owner please? I am looking for another book or two and might as well strike while the iron is hot! Thought I would clear a few e-mails before lunch but they keep coming! Love Ann

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