Independent Bookshop Week 19 -26th June 2021

Tomorrow starts the beginning of Independent Bookshop Week and I FULLY support ALL bookshops for all the below mentioned reasons. But, I have to mention as an indie published author, it’s such a shame that some bookshops seem to be so reluctant to support local/independent/authors (in my experience). As a previous reviewer for the Historical Novel Society, I have reviewed many indie published novels in my time, and some of them are heads above some mainstream published books without a doubt. I’ve just read a book from a VERY famous author and whilst the ‘story’ was good, the typos were numerous and yet because its been ‘mainstream published’, then hey! it appears to be acceptable … not! Come on bookshops, please read & take as you find, indie or mainstream regardless! 

By tinamedwardswriter

Author of poetry and fiction and editor of The Beach Hut, an online coastal inspired writing platform for Poetry and flash fiction.

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