I’ve not blogged for a while, no excuses…life…work…new puppy, you know the score, but what I’m finding increasingly apparent is that the day job is taking over pretty much everything at the moment and hey! we all need a life/work balance – yet how do we achieve this, especially when as an author, we need to write! It’s a calling, be it in the depths of night or when you catch a glimpse of something in the daylight hours that inspires you (& you jot it down in your book you carry everywhere with you!), or when you hear a piece of music that blows you away (Gavin Thorpe) and as a Poet, it totally resonates with you. Those lyrics, just wow! … ‘and as the dark night falls‘. You just ‘get’ them and wish you could pen something as bloody good.

So, sometimes we need that extra push, and with it that flicker of doubt dies and there is a glimmer of hope and excitement on the horizon, beckoning us to carry on…

Chapter IV

A heady mix of all of the above – at some point it will all come together and make sense. It will be meaningful…to me & to you. Perhaps we can share that one day, maybe over coffee, wine, cake or Zoom? Let’s do it, make a pact. I will write with you all in mind. This time the landscape will be slightly different from The Secret of Creek Cottage, but the characters will be just as warm. The geographic steeped in a different history and one that gave birth to one of my favourite writers (& Poets), Thomas Hardy. Poems that inspired Rupert Brooke, who if you’ve already read The Secret of creek Cottage, you’ll know that it includes one of his poems, The Soldier. Somehow, there seems to be a link, and if you remember where I read an extract of The Secret of Creek Cottage on publication day…well, there’s your hint.

Until next time.

By tinamedwardswriter

Author of poetry and fiction and editor of The Beach Hut, an online coastal inspired writing platform for Poetry and flash fiction.

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