New book cover …

Atlantic Puffins
Photo credit Sarah Kilian

Everyone loves Puffins right? Well, I’ve sort of hoodwinked you – this is not the cover, but it does give you a clue as to where my second novel is set and at this very moment, Jo grundy, Artist, is working on its cover. An extremely important part to any book is its cover, it speaks to you and you pick it up, it draws you in and that’s what I wanted for The Secret of Creek Cottage. So many people relayed their love for its cover and still comment on it to this day. I have the original painting above my fireplace and it makes me smile each time I look at it. That’s why I knew Jo had to be commissioned for my second novel. I’m excited to see what the end result is and I’ll be sure to share a snippet with you in due course.

Which brings me on to other things – the current news. I’ve struggled to write these last few weeks due to being completely over whelmed with the horrors of the war in the Ukraine. As I’m sure you all are too. Those of you who have read The Secret of Creek Cottage, will know that as a timeslip novel, part of it is set in WW1 and we learn about the effects of war in the present time and long after. PTSD was a very real outcome then and continues to be so, and something that millions of people (including children), will potentially have to endure due to the current conflict. We can only hope and pray that the war will soon be over and that the love and support of our fellow humans continues to shine through.

So, back to the Puffins … in folklore Puffins denote love and devotion along with unshakeable loyalty – I think we can safely attribute Volodymyr Zelensky to that of a Puffin … and what a wonderful bird he is!

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