Really excited to be launching this blog tour with #RandomThingsTours two years on from publication date.

Way back in July 2020 when we were in the middle of a global pandemic, no one knew what was going to transpire, or when. Life was scary and our landscape changed to something we were unable to visualise or predict. Fear breeds fear and I remember literally questioning what my life and that of my loved ones would like and become. Sadly, I lost my father, not to Covid but even so, in the midst of the horrendous pandemic, being unable to visit your loved one in their last few days and hours was cruel and yet somehow I found solace in my reading. My mainstay. Something that had been instilled in me as a child. Always there when times were tough.

So may things have affected general book sales since then … and continue to do so, the cost of living crisis, printing costs, I could go on and on … but we write because we love to and to know that readers buy and love our books is well, just a bonus. As authors we are truly grateful, especially indie authors who these days represent a huge part of the market. We are just as accomplished as main stream authors, have more control over the final product, and in my humble experience, there are less typos in the finished product! But, the proof is in the reading … bloggers, enjoy and my eternal thanks for taking the time to read and post your reviews. Watch this space, it all kicks off on Monday 17th October #TheSecretofCreekCottage


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