Independent Bookshop Week 19 -26th June 2021

Tomorrow starts the beginning of Independent Bookshop Week and I FULLY support ALL bookshops for all the below mentioned reasons. But, I have to mention as an indie published author, it’s such a shame that some bookshops seem to be so reluctant to support local/independent/authors (in my experience). As a previous reviewer for the Historical Novel Society,…… Continue reading Independent Bookshop Week 19 -26th June 2021

Catch up … May 2021

Its been a while since I last blogged, no excuses, apart from a new job, the ongoing pandemic & a little bit of new writing! Yes, I’ve finally, almost a year after the publication of The Secret of Creek Cottage, put pen to paper (or should I say, fingers to keyboard!) and begun to write…… Continue reading Catch up … May 2021

It’s not finished yet … Bookshops, social media and the power of reviews.

Old Cornish Ways I wanted to talk about a few things now we are almost four months post publication. One could be forgiven for thinking that all the hard work now stops, where actually, it’s only just begun. For an independent author the promotional work is as much or as little as you are prepared…… Continue reading It’s not finished yet … Bookshops, social media and the power of reviews.

The importance of libraries

UK Libraries Week Yes! It’s currently #LibrariesWeek My love of books and reading was no doubt aided by visits to my local library as a child for weekly story time sessions. I vividly recall the sweet smell of the polished wooden floor that somehow mingled with a musty smell at the same time. I now…… Continue reading The importance of libraries

Words Alive

Sunday 30th August 2020 As the sun began to slip behind Shepherd Delight clouds, 266ft above sea level, a small group gathered upon an Iron Age hillfort in North Somerset to share poetry, prose and the love of a good story. Organised by Michael Loader – 4 Communities, 3 Trees, 1 Hill Green Arts Wellbeing…… Continue reading Words Alive

Lovedays’ Cornish Nettle Tea

Urtica Dioica Loveday’s Cornish Nettle Tea Stinging Nettle/Common nettle/Leaf nettle Urtica Dioica As you will know if you have read the book, Loveday was partial to a good old cuppa of nettle tea. An acquired taste you may think, but coastal and country folk would make do with their surrounding flora in many ways, from…… Continue reading Lovedays’ Cornish Nettle Tea