The Secret of Creek Cottage

Tina uses her beautifully poetic phrasing to draw you in, to create the landscape as well as to care for its people.’ – Dawn Bauling – Poet & co-director of Indigo Dreams Publishing Ltd.

The two plots are very skilfully managed with no awkward strands left hanging.‘ – Linda Camidge – Penzance Literary Festival Trustee & organiser.

‘Definitely one of my top reads this year. I loved the storylines, the setting and the characters.’

‘I absolutely adore the way Edwards has pulled together some of my favourite things; a good mystery, nature, history and a bit of magic. For a first novel, this is absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to see what else she brings us in the future.’

‘I absolutely ADORE this book! I love EVERYTHING about it. A really well thought out interesting and good paced plot, amazing characters, happiness and heartbreak, a book which touches so many of your emotions. Easily a 5* from me.’

Loved this book! Would highly recommend. Kept me hooked throughout, full of happy moments, sad moments, and lots of suspense. Brilliantly written with likeable and relatable characters.’

This is a book that benefits greatly from lyrical and beautiful writing. It is a very good read and I recommend it as a vivid and lovely book.

‘Brilliantly written with likeable and relatable characters.’

‘I LOVED IT – Made me cry. Beautiful Writing, great story.’

‘Such a delightful read. Recommended.’

‘Just finished your amazing book. Really enjoyed it, you are very talented.’

This is Tina Edwards first novel, but hopefully the first of many. Spanning two generations gives added interest to the story but I personally loved the coverage of the First World War (my own great uncle survived the awful years in the trenches, I have his medals and a Kings Shilling. The Cornish Folklore and celebrations were fascinating to someone like myself from the North of England. We should know more of the Lore’s and legends of our homeland and applaud your research. An interesting Tale. I read it between 10pm to 3.30am one night, once started I couldn’t put it down.’

An absolute page turner. Highly recommended. ‘⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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The Secret of Creek Cottage

The Secret of Creek Cottage is a tale that follows the lives of two families, almost a century apart.

1916: While the Great War rages through Europe, in the small coastal village of Trunrowan, Cornwall, life for Loveday Nance could not be more different. With her husband Will away fighting, the reality of having a longed-for child of her own seems to be slipping away with each day that passes.

Present-day: Kitty and Ben Gridley decide to leave their busy lives in Bristol hoping for a quieter way of life in the pretty village of Trunrowan, Cornwall. Little do they realise the impact that moving into Creek Cottage will have on them. When Kitty begins to experience strange things happening at the cottage, she is certain there is a secret harboured within its stone walls.

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